A sweet calendar


Swedes are known for their sweet tooth, and a valid excuse is thus needed to consume as many delicacies as they humanly can. On account of this, special days that celebrate a specific sugary speciality have been established, and you´d better take note of them!

  • Kanelbullens dag. This cinnamon bun will without a doubt be your best friend while in Sweden, so you ought to celebrate properly. On October 4th, masses of Swedes invade (obviously queuing) bakeries and coffee shops to put their hands on these buttery, crunchy delights, while expert breadwinners spend their entire day baking for the whole family.
  • Gustav Adolfsdagen. On November 6th spongy, velvety cakes are prepared all over Sweden to rember King Gustav II Adolf, killed on that date in the Thirty Years´War. The cake is ordinarily topped by the old monarch´s silhouette, usually made of chocolate or marzipan.
  • Kladdkakans dag. This dense, sticky chocolate cake with a soft heart in the middle is celebrated every year on November 7th. Resembling an American brownie, it is normally consumed with whipped cream, vanilla ice cream and rapsberries.
  • Fettisdagen. On Shrove Tuesday, or Fat Tuesday as it is called in Sweden, you could have the possibility to taste the most succulent, exquisite and luscious sweet on Earth: a Semla. This bun filled with cream and almond paste will unquestionably be your favorite worse nightmare, as once tongued you won´t be able to resist 365 days more without it.
  • Våffeldagen. March 25th is for waffles, exclusively served with strawberry jam and whipped cream.

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