48 hours in Stockholm and Uppsala

Hello everyone! I’m really excited to announce and share with you all the project I’ve been working on in the last few days: 48 hours in Stockholm and Uppsala. I should admit, this lil trip to the Swedish capital and surroundings came quite unexpected, leaving me both terribly enthusiastic and unprepared, as I didn’t have the time to plan every single detail of my getaway as I always tend to do. Nonetheless, in the end I managed to literally eat my way around the city along with lovely friends, by walking from north to south and east to west instead of taking busses or catching a cab.

Anyhow, here are a few suggestions and tips for anyone heading to the Swedish East coast soon…

Stockholm: Gamla Stan (neighborhood), Storkyrkan (church), Nationalmuseum (museum),Stadshuset (historical building), skansen (open-air museum and zoo), Vasamuseet (museum), Nordiska Museum (museum), Kungsträdgården (park), Café Järntorget (ice cream), chokladkoppen (café), Lisa Larsson second hand (shopping), Sivletto (shopping).

Uppsala: Gamla Uppsala (neighborhood), Uppsala Slott (castle), Domkyrkan (church), Carolina Rediviva (library), Amazing Thai (restaurant), Jalla (restaurant), Ofvandahls (café).

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