96 hours in Prague


It may seem incredible, but summertime is running out here in Italy, so what’s the best way to wrap up these last couple of boiling hot weeks? a travel blog post obviously! Two weeks ago, I found myself sitting on a plane from Milan to Prague surrounded by the most adorable and lovely people who, unfortunately, I didn’t get to see for almost an entire year. Spending some time with my family was thus way more important and gratifying than strolling the city, visiting every single museum in town and walking nonstop from sunup to sundown, as I usually do while abroad. In the end, I think I managed to do both by conciliating my thirst for adventure with the slow rhythm of a chilling getaway.

Prague stole my heart, with its gothic architecture and gloomy atmosphere. Walking through the city’s cobbled streets, a tourist might have the perennial sensation to be fallen into a time loop, as every single building reminds you of glorious past times. We were lucky enough to find an AirBnb gem in the city centre, situated three minutes walking from the Old Town Square, a must for everyone in town.

Anyhow, here are some of my favourite restaurants, cafès and shops in town, useful (I hope) for those of you who have been planning a trip to the Czech capital.

Cukrkavalimonada (restaurant), Lokàl (wine bar), Maitrea (restaurant), Bakeshop Praha (bakery), Indian Jewel (restaurant), Kolkovna (restaurant), Kubista (shopping).

One thought on “96 hours in Prague

  1. I love Prague but in my memories it was a grey medieval city… After seeing your photos I say to myself, may be it’s time to visit Prague one more time and change my opinion;)


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